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HIYA GUYS!  We love the show. You asked for comments on the (ILLEGAL intern) logo and here goes:  It has too much going on for either a shirt or a hat.  The buildings or whatever they are look like guns.  Perhaps a little too militant.  I'd put together a shirt/hat combo which has the Illegal Interns name from the website wallpaper & maybe get an simpler website name which could go on the left front of the shirt. (It took a while to find you on the web.)  Homeboy artwork may actually scare away a larger audience.  We wouldn't wear a shirt with the logo you propose to a company picnic. Sus amigos, Sandi & Tom (Pasadena, CA)

hey interns!  this is tino, a loyal viewer...well, i have an emergency and you guys just might be able to help me out!  i am a big chicano, brown skin and all, and i wanted to be a Potato, a Papa for halloween, but i need one thing to make my disguise complete...i need a brown mascara de luchador!  can you guys let me know where or who sells them!  time is running out!
halloween is a few days away!  siempre unidos, Tino
Halloween is now officially over....
You guys are doing a great job man.  No one else has "los cojones" to do what you do.  or maybe they don't know how to...Well it doesn't matter, it's cool man.  Only one comment.....I would really dig the show if there were more local bands on your show so more people can be aware of the scene that's going on in places like H.P. (Huntington Park) or in the L.B.C. ...Ronald @%!$&# Sanchez

I noticed that you guys do a lot of scratching.  Whats up with that?  I also noticed that  sometimes you guys look nervous?  I still think you guys are pretty cool and have been watching you guys for a while now.  Keep bringing that great entertainment and those cool cartoons.  Ana
Come on, it's only our 10th year of doing the show, can't we scratch.  Maybe it's the bugs in the rug.  We're having the studio fumigated next month, hopefully that takes care of the problem.

...I would like to get one or two of your new stickers, and how could I get a (ILLEGAL INTERN) Black XL-T-Shirt? Geoff Cook of Lomita
Well this question has been asked for years now, and we are currently in the process of making about 8 dozen shirts that we plan on selling.  We will be giving away some for our Christmas Contest, but the chances of winning them will be very slim.  We are not set on the price yet, but we have some expenses to pay off and this is just the ticket.

Que onda vatos, hey whats up Flavio & Richard? Hey Locos, I enjoy watching your show.  Illegal Interns is firme homies. Tu carnal Ignacio R. of El Monte, CA
If you click here, you will see many events going on around Los Angeles.  Cultural, political, artsy, music, and other special events.

Dear Illegal interns, Well, I'm writhing to you guys to tell you that I really like your show, but the problem is that you don't even show videos of my favorite band (LA LEY) and you need to show more videos of Fobia, because I really love Fobia too, I just wish I could marry Leonardo De Lozanne, but I'm just 15 years old....oh well! Elvia Reyes of Los Angeles
Flavio thinks the guys from Fobia are kinda cute too.  We'll try to track down those requests.

My name is Edith Gonzalez (from Arleta, CA)...I'm into gothic, punk, ska, industrial, techno from the early 80's and of course new wave.  I'm from Jerez, Zacatecas, Mexico.....since the 80's me and my sister told friends about some of the Rock en Espanol bands out of Mexico like Caifanes, Fobia, Maldita, etc....anyway, can you please try and hook me up with tickets to Jaguares in Vegas? I would be eternally grateful.......
Let me see, I want tickets to Rage Against The Machine, Flavio wants tickets to the World Series, Efrain wants tickets to the Raiders vs. Denver, and Payaso Clown wants tickets to Cirque de Soleil.  What's next?

Is Payaso Clown currently involved with someone? Edina from Baldwin Park
Yes Payaso Clown is quite the ladies man as he is as we speak entertaining 3 beautiful latina divas at an undisclosed location.  His harem is growing ever so larger, as the end of the millennium approaches.  He is hoarding what he feels are absolute necessities come hell or high water as he predicts the Y2Que will hinder his club scene.  If you care to contact his royalness write to his good friend efrain at

Is it really true that Flavio, Richard, and Oscar are married and Efrain is the only bachelor of the bunch? Edwin from Baldwin Hills.
It is true. You can date efrain by emailing him at

As an animator for the long awaited Pokeman movie, I find your show a waste of time except when I catch some of those animatic cartoons that nearly bring me to bowel uncontrollably, hence, why haven't I seen any new Jim Lujan Cartoons?  Walter from Burbank
Jim Lujan is seeking asylum as he is nearly drained of energy.  We allowed him to take a sabbatical this summer, as he is preparing for the fall season.  If you would like to contact Mr. Lujan, email him at

Will you ever really do a "live" show as you state nearly every week?  Oscar from South Central
Yes, next week.

At the end of your shows, during the credits, you list several sponsors including: Cultura y Mas, La Banda Elastica, Frontera Magazine, Heritage Cyberlounge, and Travel Tips For Aztlan, what do your sponsors do for you? Christina from Oxnard
Good observation, Heritage Cyberlounge gives us free paging service, both La Banda Elastica and Frontera Magazine give us ad space when they come out, Cultura y Mas has supplied us with t-shirts, and Travel Tips For Aztlan is a Saturday evening radio show.

I saw Payaso Clown and his Posse down south in Rosarito during the Memorial Day Weekend BBQ at Rock en Roll Taco with a film crew.  Some of my homies were videotaped with the"Sweet n Nasty Honey Crew".  Why don't you show some of that on the air,  if you don't have it, then go to "Baja Sundays" or even some backyard parties? Wutz up wit dat?  Ralph from ELA
Once again, Payaso Clown has smeared the image of the ILLEGAL interns.  So as of right now, only Payaso Clown can clear up what he has damaged, a wholesome family program trying to improve the image of the Chicano/Latino/Hispanic/Mexican American/Brown n Proud raza.  We hope that his actions at that event will go unnoticed by you and your peers.  Please, tell us you have no photos and we will close this door right now.  But if you do, we have no money to barter, as you can see by the question above, we are not given any monetary compensation from our sponsors.  Thank you very much, the lawyers of the interns have spoken.

I am not really a fan of your show, but I have seen it a few times.  On occasion You have very interesting guests, and that brought me to thinking, who would you really like to have on your show if you could have anybody you wanted? Zack from Malibu
We have talked about this several times off camera,  after hours of discussion, we have come to the conclusion that only one person can fill this void...............Jaime Jarrin.

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